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Stock Church is a Christian media stock site and photographers community. Every user has different communuty tools: personal blog, messages, reviews, testimonials, friends, avatars.

Search for royalty-free stock photography, vector illustrations, stock video footage and audio files. Buy media with Stock Church by Credits or get a Subscription.

About us is a website of media resources for churches and ministries. Here you can find HQ media for worship, Sunday services, home groups, children, youth ministries and much more! If you produce church media create a free account and start submit media to us.

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We’re looking for amazing and beautiful motion graphics, video backgrounds, animations and pictures for churches and ministries. VJ loops, countdowns, music beds and beats, sound effects, original songs, both digital and recorded.

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As a producer you would receive a 50% on All Sales Non-Exclusive agreement. We use PayPal for commissions at the beginning of each month.

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